Foreign exchange services - Forex & currency services for international companies

If you run an international business, the foreign exchange rate plays an important part in your financial transactions. There’s no point in earning huge amounts in one currency if you then lose the bulk of it when transferring it to a bank account in a different country.

The foreign exchange market is one of the largest markets in the world with an average daily turnover of $3.8 trillion US dollars! But navigating that market can sometimes be a daunting and overwhelming process. That’s where we can help.

To achieve the best rates in an ever-changing environment so that you can reduce your costs and increase your profit, you’ll need some expert input. At Euro Start Entreprises, we work with the best regulated FOREX service providers to help you obtain the best rates at the best conditions.

Thanks to our FOREX partners, Euro Start Entreprises can provide your business the following:

  • Sending and receiving money
  • Bill payments
  • Business Solutions

So whether you need the best exchange rate to pay your invoices and your staff or to send and receive money between your business and personal accounts, our FOREX partners can set you up with just the right account that fulfills your needs.

Please note that Euro Start Entreprises does not speculate or trade on the FOREX market. The services proposed through our partners are only dedicated to companies that want to reduce the costs of their international transfers by finding the best rate for their particular trade or business.

So for further information about how you can save money on FOREX, foreign exchange rates and currency services for your company, please contact us on 0033 (0)1 53 57 49 10 or email us from our contact page and we will try our best to find the right solution for your business.