How to start a business in Bulgaria - company formation, transport licenses & virtual offices

Bulgaria is proving to be an attractive destination for foreign investment. It is at the forefront of international attention for providing business structures and holding companies with a genuine low-cost and low-tax environment. Bulgaria is extremely popular with business people in the transport or freight industry who are looking for transport licenses and virtual offices from which to operate their companies.

Tax in Bulgaria

Compared to many countries, Bulgaria ranks very low on the corporate tax scale so entrepreneurs looking to start up abroad would do well to consider this country for tax advantages. Qualified chartered accountants will help you to understand the finer details of the Bulgarian tax structure to keep you within the law, but as well as extremely low taxation, you can also expect to find these advantages on offer in Bulgaria:

  • No separate capital gains tax (gains on disposals are added to mainstream income for CIT calculation)
  • 0% withholding tax on dividends and liquidation quotas distributed by local entities to Bulgarian & EU resident companies; 5% in all other cases
  • Double taxation treaties with more than 60 countries.

Labour costs

When it comes to labour and operational cost levels, Bulgaria is regarded as being highly competitive compared to other countries in the sector. 

Requirements for company formation in Bulgaria

  • Founders of the Ltd Company can be local, foreign individuals or legal entities.
  • The minimum capital required for a Ltd to be established is €1


The great news for entrepreneurs wishing to open a company in Bulgaria is that company formation only takes approximately 3 weeks.

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