How to protect your IP & register a trademark in Europe, USA, India, China & UAE

How do you protect your brand or service as a business owner? And how do you protect your business on an international level? With intellectual property laws differing from country to country you need to take the proper precautions to make sure your product or business name is safeguarded.

Trademark registration is one of the most valuable tools in the promotion and recognition of your company's goods or services. Trademarks identify the origin of a product and serve as an indication of quality.

A registered trademark is a sign that immediately identifies a brand, service or product and gives the owner the right to use the ® symbol. Most importantly a registered trademark provides its owner with monopoly rights to stop others using the same or similar mark in relation to the goods/services it trades in and so can go some way to protecting the intellectual property and legal standing of the mark. In many cases a registered trademark can itself become a valuable asset.

In a recent article by Forbes Magazine, the Top 10 most valuable trademarks included the likes of Google, Microsoft, Apple and IBM. Being huge international companies, their professional identity is of upmost importance, but the same should go for small and medium size businesses.

The very process of starting your business officially can go some way to protecting it. By registering your company and filing the documents and by-laws at the government offices, you have already placed your business, its functions and intentions within the realm of the law. If you are able to produce the rubber-stamped documents that prove you own the business, stating the products or the inventions that you use, then you have some official back-up on your side.

But if you believe in your company then you should protect it properly - trademark registering is the best way to protect your business and your brand.

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