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Five reasons for French businesses to be optimistic

22 Nov 2021

Businesses around the world are still in a precarious situation, and France is no exception. A series of abrupt lockdowns struck a blow for the tourist-driven economy, and put the kibosh on a big summer revival. While the hope is that the lessening of restrictions will prove a major boost for retail ...

The advantages of opening a company in Israel

16 Nov 2021

Israel is not the first country you would think of when considering basing a startup, but if you look into the figures, it ranks as having one of the largest startup populations in the world – so much so, it has been dubbed ‘Startup Nation’ by the business community. Many foreign entrepreneurs had ...

Five Frustrating Myths About French Business Culture

25 Oct 2021

For years now, France has been stereotyped as a bad place for businesses. Despite being one of the world’s largest economies, French culture is seen as antithetical to successful enterprise, with workers and authorities conspiring to make business owners’ lives as difficult as possible. While there ...

How to start a cosmetic business in France

04 Oct 2021

France has many specialities, but beauty ranks highly among them. The inventors of high fashion and master perfumers also boast a thriving cosmetics industry, with French makeup brands producing the most beloved and sought-after products around the world. While this is a competitive industry, it's ...

What are the tax benefits for businesses in Ireland?

27 Sep 2021

Where Luxembourg once ruled the roost, Ireland has become an increasingly attractive option for businesses looking to gain a foothold in Europe. From startups to major international corporations, companies are benefiting from a wealth of business-positive policies, as well as Ireland’s strong infras ...

How Germany plans to move on from Merkel

06 Sep 2021

The next set of national elections could be a serious test for countries which have struggled to contain the coronavirus pandemic. For Germany, this test is now just days away. A general election is coming this month - and it's the first that Angela Merkel won't be standing in since 2002. Germany h ...