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Euro Start Entreprises are leading company formation agents, helping entrepreneurs from all over the globe set up their businesses in over 30 countries worldwide - quickly, efficiently and for the most affordable price. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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Our Latest Business Blog News

French entrepreneurs win against government changes

06 Mar 2023

French entrepreneurs fought and won against the government’s changes to the online company formation procedure which had caused chaos for business and ended up in the hacking of the website resulting in huge delays. The French government launched an online one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs at the beg ...

Starting a business in Cyprus in 7 steps

23 Jan 2023

Cyprus has always been one of the premier business destinations in Europe, and this is as true today as ever. A beautiful place to live and visit, Cyprus also boasts one of the best business environments in the world. This has made it not just an ideal home for businesses catering to the local commu ...

Entrepreneurs in France face delays due to hacked site

10 Jan 2023

Despite the fanfare around the French government launching an online one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs on January 1st to simplify the company formation procedure, the website was hacked causing delays for entrepreneurs. As company formation experts here at Euro Start Entreprises, we were interested t ...

Things Australians Need to Know Before Starting a Business in France

12 Dec 2022

Australia and France are two countries that enjoy a great relationship and shared history. There are over 110,000 people of French descent and nearly 25,000 French born-people living in Australia currently. As a country with a welcoming attitude to skilled workers and where much of the population i ...

UK export business – how to set up in the EU

05 Dec 2022

You may have recently seen the sad tale of the successful UK cheese business, the Cheshire Cheese Company, who had to sell off their firm after losing £600,000 of sales after Brexit. The company that eventually took over the cheese business was one that had cleverly set up a presence in the EU alrea ...

How to make your business more resilient

07 Nov 2022

Wherever you are in the world, this isn’t an easy time for businesses. From wars and political turmoil to inflation and supply chain issues, consumers are feeling the pinch, and companies in all industries are having to scale back their ambitions. With a recession potentially looming, worse may yet ...