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How young scientists can create successful startups

How young scientists can create successful startups ascA dynamic team of young scientists who won the Euro Start Entreprises startup competition back in 2016 are going from strength to strength with their new company and new products to help solve the world’s energy storage problem.

We caught up with the team – Lukas Lutz, Luca Scherrer and Daniel Corte - to find out the latest news on their exciting research and the lessons they’ve learned in the years since Euro Start helped them to open their science startup Sphere, including advice for young scientists on how to boost their chances of success.

The Euro Start Guide to French Pension Reforms

The Euro Start Guide to French Pension Reforms 3


If you’ve been reading the news recently, you may have heard about the ongoing strikes in France. While industrial action isn’t unusual, the scale and timing of these strikes is. As well as taking place over Christmas - paralysing the country’s transport infrastructure - they have also involved most of the major unions. The biggest day of protest saw almost a million workers take to the street, grinding some cities to a standstill.

The cause of these strikes is a suite of pension reforms by President Macron’s ruling government. Pitched as a way to cut down on red tape and make the pension system fairer for everyone, critics have suggested that they will ultimately leave thousands worse off. Here’s everything you need to know about the proposed French pension reforms, and what effect they are likely to have as we enter the New Year.

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