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Relocating to the UK - Part 3

Relocating to the UK - Part 3 – Schools, Doctors & Pets

In Part 3 of our UK Relocation series we tackle the subject of finding schools for your kids, registering with a UK doctor and dealing with any animals and pets.

If you have a family, then relocating to the UK will mean a huge adjustment. All children aged three to four years old are allowed 15 hours of free nursery school education for 38 weeks of the year, so if you need extra childcare that will mean you’ll need to budget in extra finances to pay for it.

In the UK, children start primary school at the age of four or five, depending on the month they were born. (In Britain, you calculate the school age using the school year – not the calendar year - so children who are born in September are the eldest in the class and those born in August are the youngest in the class).

At the age of 11, children then go to a secondary school until the age of 16 or 18 depending on whether they want to continue their schooling. For more information on the UK school system and how to apply for schools, you can contact the UK government website for education here:

If you are paying tax in the UK, you may also want to enquire from the government tax office about claiming child benefit. (If you earn over £50,000 however, you will not be able to claim.) You can find out if you’re eligible for these payments on the government website here:

You will also need to register with a doctor. The wonderful thing about the UK is that healthcare is free. Unfortunately this means many people from abroad try and abuse the system. Therefore, if you want to get free healthcare with the National Health Service, you must have proof of address for all the members of the family. Your children or relatives will not be able to get free healthcare in Britain unless they have their name on a utility bill or on the accommodation agreement. You can search for a list of General Practitioners or Medical Centres in your area by searching the NHS website here:

You’ll also have to think about the health of any pets you may have – and that includes how you’re going to transport them into the UK. The UK have strict guidelines on the introduction of pets into the country according to the Pet Travel Scheme. The requirements are that the pet should have:

  • a microchip
  • a rabies vaccination
  • a pet passport or official vetinary certificate
  • tapeworm treatment (for dogs only)

You must also use an approved transport company and an approved route and wait 21 whole days from the date of the rabies vaccination before travelling. For more information, visit the UK government website

So now you’ve sorted out the family’s requirements, you’ll need to find out how you can start your business in the UK, start working and earn some money….Click HERE for Part 4 on how to go about working in the UK and how to set up a company in the UK, click HERE for Part 1 on how to find accommodation & set up services, or click HERE for Part 2 on how to open a UK bank account and international shipping information.

If you've read all the parts in this Relocation series and still require direct information on UK company formationhow to set up a UK businessopening a bank accountfinding an accountantforeign exchange services or visas, please don’t hesitate to email us via our contact page stating ‘Relocation to the UK’ in the email subject heading.


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